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"Von B2"
   by B. Hart

                                                                                                             (October 2001)
NEW computer-generated tribute to the great American artist, Kenneth Howard [b.1929-d.1992], known to his contemporaries ("Big Daddy" Roth, Robert Williams),
and since, as "Von Dutch".

A direct antecedent to the underground comics of the 1960's and widely considered to be the "Picasso of airbrush and pinstriping", Howard's profound influence on vehicular and popular art can still be seen in record cover graphics; in NASCAR; and in T-shirt, surfing, and skateboard art.

Hart's electronic painting takes "Von Dutch's" familiar 'flying eyeball' icon on a military maneuver in the Middle East, in a study combining the colors of Chagall on a cubist horizon.
An early version of this JPEG appears on the cover of the Bret Hart/Tom Nunn 'improvisational duets - volume one' CD  [2001 - InstrumenTales ITIDS13].

"Von B2" PRICES, ppd. [Until 12/31/2001]:
Original, numbered, 7.5" x 10" color print: $25 [US]
Framed and signed by artist (also numbered): $65 [US]

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