Children's Cartoon / Comicbook Concept:
"KITTY - the Kitty Kat !!!"
Objective: Teach young children to treat animals (& others) with kindness and care.
Caring for and feeding of a pet (subjectively experienced)
Natural rewards for 'being nice' (subjectively experienced)
Natural consequences for 'meanness' (objectively observed)
Animal loyalty  (subjectively experienced)
Friendship  (subjectively experienced)
Helping  (subjectively experienced)
Aging  (subjectively experienced & objectively observed)
Methods:  Song, Story, Kinetics, Stimulating (surreal, "psychedelic") environments, strong character-familiarity through [child's perspective] large-theme agreement, attention-grabbing sound effects and ambient recordings, "Do Togethers"
Antecedents: George Herriman (Krazy Kat), Elsie Segar (Popeye), Fred Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Zap! Comics, James Herriott, Walt Disney, Scripture, parents' advice...

Created and published by Bret H. Hart during November 2001.

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