B. H. Hart
(apologies for the flashbulb flares in some of these porch-shots. if it's a good looking photograph, Tom Barbour took it.)
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The School Desktop Series
The following paintings used thirty year-old, landfill-bound, school desktops as 'canvas'. Many explore the theme of "the bed as a setting for something other than restful sleep". The large "H" shape (the 'bed') in the center of each is where the desk's metal frame was bolted to the desktop. All of these images were borne out of study of the surface of the desk; its scratches, graffiti, dried gum and 'elbow grease'.
The 'story' was there before I picked up my brushes.
11 Reasons for Resisting Bedtime
photo: Tom Barbour

He Fell Asleep with the TV On
photo: Tom Barbour 
Imaginary Friend
photo: Tom Barbour 
The Sins of the Fathers Visit the Daughters
photo: Tom Barbour

photo: Tom Barbour

When Your Child Cries at Night, Believe It
photo: Tom Barbour
[end of bed series]

The Schizophrenic Ponders Christ
photo: Tom Barbour 
Thinking Outside the Box
photo: Tom Barbour 
Republican Venom
photo: Tom Barbour

Parent Abuse
photo: Tom Barbour

Still Life

The Terrible Screaming Thing

Van Gone

Eight More Witnesses

Bowls of Wrath

Dogs and Meat

Ghost House

The Lord Oversees Things

Joseph of Arimathea Was Here

No Child's Left Behind

'P' or 'R'?

Red Ball Rolling Down a Hill

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