Bret H. Hart

This page will contain recovered things from years-past, the most current finished and in-progress projects, and other detritus and gouge.
Photographs are via a cheap 35mm/800 speed camera and digital to-disc commercial developing.
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the tree stood like that  
   (1980 - monoprint on ragpaper)

so much to consider
   (1980 - monoprint on ragpaper)

gasses issuing from a colorful gift
   (1980 - monoprint on ragpaper)

dr. caligari's condo
    (1984 colored pencil/mixed media on photocopy paper)

self-portrait in silly shirt
  (1984 colored pencil/watercolor on photocopy paper) 

running man  [property of Mr. T. Boone]
   (1986 - acrylic and enamel on canvas)

sun ra
   (12/2003  -  acrylic in drawer) 

   (12/2003  -   acrylic on matte board) 

eventual soul-adhesion
    (9/2003  -   mixed media on desktop) 

Self-Injury     ["Do you ever tell yourself 'No'?"]
    (8/2003  -  mixed media on and in mirrorless/hinged medicine cabinet) 

debutante comes out   ["I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth."]
     (11/2003 - mixed media and acrylics on found painting)

 5 prophets
       (11/2003  - mixed media on canvas)