Horrendous: bass, clean & distorted electric guitar, slack-string guitar
Hart: solidbody electric mandolin, banjo-uke, electric saz 
01.    chocolate milkcow  [version 1]
02.    stays crispy even in milk
03.    cracker barrel
04.    plinks 'n' planks
05.    a pirate's idea of fun
06.    dusk devil dances dizzily
07.    set sun
08.    razing the dead / Louisiana  medley
09.    the old pork fondle
10.    Don Ho'
11.    Sir F. Supp
12.    spit
13.    chocolate milkcow  [version 2]

Sourcetracks and improvisations/cover painting "Beachy Head": B.Horrendous
Final structures/CAD+typesetting: B.Hart

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