Fred Hall: electric and slide guitars, engineering
Bret Hart: guitar, dobro, electronic percussion, noise, radical application of delay
"Spank" Johnson:
slo-drums on Packing
drums, metronome, and rockin' simplicity on Hickey Art Medley 
navigating the staircase of motivated foolishness
(source live duets tracks routed through several splitters, then delayed/looped further during mixdown)
(feature "Spank" Johnson: slo-drums)
hickey art
(talkin' doggone yeah, right!!)
a 'gentle rose'  a.
two donkeys  b.
a flock of disrespect  c.
discolouration  d.
it was stupid / beneath the planet of it was stupid
(in '84, someone was stabbed only 20' from our sliding glass door / in '93, we split up forever)
crazed and defuzed
(our appreciation to whoever wrote this riff)
horror johnson VS. mothra
(in this feature, HJ screws the end off a cylinder truck and chugs its load
of fermented honey, the tiny girls stop singing, Mothra frowns...mayhem)
i wanna make a sheep
(a Popsicle stick, four Q-tips, a handful of gluey cotton balls, and a three year-old)