Nic pics, dude. - j.p. (NY, USA)

They're really good, love the use of unusual surfaces and materials. My favourites are God oversees things and (especially) bowls of wrath, which is stunning, like it's in motion, alive. Wonderful stuff my friend!
- b.w. (Great Britain)

Wow, some great paintings! I really dig them. What medium do you use? Acrylics? I think it's great that you used old desktops. I'm all in favor of reusing/recycling materials. These are all quite unique, and unsettling in a pleasing way. - h.m. (FL, USA)

Nice figures quite psychedelic. I like. - m.r. (Nokia, Finland)
 Thanks for sharing your work. I really missed it. I could almost hear you singing. I was always enamored by it. I have a friend whose style reminds me of you. Check his site out. I had him display some of his artwork at my home when I had a senator over. - m.f. (NJ, USA) Hey, these are really good! My 3 favorites are Still Life, Republican Venom (ha!) and of course, 11 Reasons. They're made out of old desktops, cool!! Heavy, too, I bet. Are you selling them? - l.g.p. (GA, USA)

Holy Crap!! The depth of your artistry never ceases to AMAZE me! How would a bloke like me be able to "acquire" a BHH original??? You rock the entire world! This stuff is AMAZING!  You have a direct link to to all that is human, real, beautiful and honest.  Your music and art are clear windows into your soul and indeed into all humanity. I'm in awe. - e.w. (OH, USA)

Those paintings are very impressive. Excellent stuff! This e-mail seems to have gone around the houses, but just to say that the paintings are great, I'm very impressed. - m.b. (Great Britain)

thanks for the mail and website nice work!! especially the still life and
screaming thing if it's OK i will forward this to a few people... who i am sure will be interested - c.c. (Great Britain)

Some good work. I like the use of found objects for your "canvas". Your art reminds me of another artist I know... Me! - m.b. (NY, USA)

These are really good.  The ghost house appeals to me especially.  I hope you are doing well.  Your creative output seems to be thriving.
- d.w. (NC, USA)

- c.c. (AZ, USA)

thanks for your various e-mails on your various musical and art projects. your paintings are certainly Beefheartish in style, very colorfull, hope you have success with them. - z.z. (Canada)

Interesting things you have there. I'll vote for "The Terrible Screaming Thing" as my favorite. Good luck wiith the exhibition.
- j.s. (MA, USA)

Wow Bret... that's some really cool stuff. I'm updating my NEWSpage and will include your note about these paintings. - j.k. (OH, USA)

This is some Really cool stuff, just so you know. I can't even pick a favourite. - m.b. (?)

Eee-YOOOw, man, Briefly checked out yer' paintings... kewl, & a DEFINITE stroke o' luck on getting the date... congratz! Visibility is MUCH better! Ciao. - d.m. (WA, USA)

Great stuff! My favs are Dogs and Meat, 11 Reasons for Resisting Bedtime, and The Terrible Screaming Thing. I wish I could see them hanging at the show! - c.b. (NYC, USA)

So good to see some of your recent art work.  I always  was a big fan!  My favorite from this lot - "The Terrible Screaming Thing".  Outstanding!  Of course, I still have "The Running Man" hanging up here at the house.  About 16/17 years ago I guess you gave that to me.  Incredible how time flies! That's some scary shit!  Another good set.  My favorite being "The Schizophrenic Ponders Christ".  The one character in "Imaginary Friend" looks like Wren from Wren and Stimpy. - t.b. (NV, USA)