I   N   F   O   R   M   A   T   I   O   N

 Delicate Furies 
A Collection of Solo Performances for Guitar and Such
All profits from this CD will benefit J.E. Holmes Middle School in Eden, NC.
An InstrumenTales fund-raising effort.

A Worthy Goal
'Teacher-musician puts his expertise to work to buy new basketball goals for Holmes Middle School'
by Leslie Brown for Rockingham People [Greensboro News and Record]
CD benefits Holmes Middle School
by Daniel Bayer for The Daily News 
leo didkovsky:                                       kragro man       :57
chuck brown:                                      four corners     3:07
don campau:                                    the low three     2:18
clang quartet:                                          jomeokee     4:53
wade coldwater:     wade alone (for Derek Bailey)     4:45
al destructo:                                          system 19     5:00
ernesto diaz-infante:                                   fidibus canere     5:00
nick didkovsky:            one's child is now the gills     5:00
fred frith:                                    yui's workout     3:53
fred hall:     it's about time, it's about space     3:48
graham halliday:       the 1-man band takes a stand     4:37
bret hart:                 bullwinkle pond & the 5     2:33
ben horrendous:                 spiralled riotous felicity     3:42
bob jordan:                                     a miner's hat     1:56
phil kellogg:                            what the dog said     3:15
mark kissinger:                                            [untitled]     4:52
tragic bunny:                           majestic thursday     2:44
john morgan:                                        small steps     4:32
remora:                                          nonoxen      1:59
things outside the skin:                                   lincoln's head     2:10
ken 42r:      mrs. murphy's blue [excerpt]    2:00 
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