Bret Hart [August 14, 1959 - ] is a through-improvisor, composer, educator, instrument builder, outsider artist and published writer living with his family in Eden, North Carolina.

Raised in the state of New York, he has traveled and lived in many parts of the US and Asia (including four years in South Korea), flavoring his music with with their influence.  Since his first self-released project in 1979, Hart has released numerous improvisational, scored, and lyrical records, tapes, and CDs under his own Kamsa, O-Right, HipWorks, and InstrumenTales imprints; as well as long-play records and compilation singles on the HomemadeMusic, Gajoob Tapes, Zzaj Productions,, Go-Kustom, Szum, FirePiano, Instant Dogma, Zero Hits, Hacienda Jiminez, Revenge, Scatboy, and The Facility labels.

He was a recipient of Massachusetts Cultural Council Arts grants in 1997 and 1998, is active in non-profit efforts, is the father of three, and teaches Language Arts, Set Design, and creative music electives in a North Carolina middle school.

Hart, as an painter and sculptor, has been an two time invitee to The Northeast Open in Worcester, MA; and had one-man and shared shows in several New England galleries.  In 1986, he was invited by the State University of NewYork at Potsdam to compose and perform his multimedia performance work, ALFA, for the college's sesquicentennial celebration. In 1970, at ten, Hart was awarded a student artist scholarship for Syracuse University studio arts instruction.  His graphics, photographs, and scores have been reproduced in the US (Cassette Mythos, Sound Choice, The Racquette) and Russia (Wapnk). The Massachusetts band, The New Pond Fondle, took their name from a Hart painting.  He has been published since 1977 and his writings have been published in Oink!, New Age Chronicle, and most recently in Aural Innovations, and (as Chuck Lake) in Eden's Own and (as Chas. Swamp The Neely Chronicle.

His on-going Improvisational Duets Series features Hart working in spartan spontaneity with (chronologically) Eric Wallack, Greg Segal, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Mark Kissinger, David Wortman, Don Campau, Fred "Gentlemaniac" Hall, Clang Quartet, Alonzo Phillips, Ben Horrendous, Steve Blake, Phil Kellogg, John Jasnoch, Tom Nunn, Ian Davis, Mika Rintala, Bob Jordan, Dick "Rotcod Zzaj" Metcalf, Phil Hargreaves, Larry Marotta, and Jeff "Tragic Bunny" Mills,  .

Hart has recorded and performed with the groups: Camera Obtusa, SOME PIG, Fondling Giblets, HipBone, Maximum Love Vibes, Kudzu, Jaws of Glee, Invented Thing Quartet, The Bones, The Blunt, X's for Eyes, Trouble Boys, Flavor Crystals, Johnny & the Lawnchairs, Callithump, Runs With Scissors, Zoogz Rift, Industrial Sonic Echo, B's of Sunrise, Automatic Music, Mille Bornes, H.I.M., Asteroid Schoolhouse, Third Program, Bunker, and The Rhythm Party; and has enjoyed performance and recording with Chris Cutler, Ken Hyder, Amy Denio, Jack and Ben Wright, microtonalist Dan Stearns, found percussionist Jonathan Thomas, Jeff McLeod, instrument- builder J-Me Johnson, and spoken word artist Dave Nader.

Current non-musical activities include "raising two daughters, getting a son through college, improving the range of motion in my right leg, fixing this broken house we bought, and smoking less."